(Latest update – May 2017)

Here you can find details of the Regular Events in and around the Barony of Rowany. (If you are looking for upcoming one-off events instead, these are advertised through Event Notices. You can go into the Events menu up top at any stage to find these broken down into categories. Additionally, the latest event posts are often shown in the left hand area at various places throughout the site. The Calendar section gives you another way to find events.)

There are costs (such as hall hire) involved with various events. Member payment for this can be made quarterly. If you would like further information such as bank details for making such payment, please contact the Reeve or Constable, or head over to the Rowany Facebook group.

Monday Fighter Practice / ‘Skills Night’ – With Fencing (Rapier) and Heavy Combat Practice

Held every Monday, starting at 19:00, at The Addison Road Community Centre (Main Hall), 142 Addison Road, Marrickville NSW 2204. [MAP].

  • Heavy combat practice. There are always plenty of people involved here. Both beginner and intermediate skills classes are run quite regularly for those interested in “Heavy” (less scary than it sounds and loads of fun). The classes involve sets of drills and technique practice both in armour and out of armour (for people without) to learn and develop proper technique in the heavy arts. These go for 6-8 weeks with mini tournaments at the end to “put it all together”. Classes start at around 20:00 which gives us all time to get armour on. Even if you have never done anything like it before, please feel free to come along to join in, learn or simply take a look. You will be entertained!
  • Fencing practice. If you are interested in a lighter, more finessed approach to combat than hitting with various sized sticks, we can help with that. The classes are intensive drilling, breaking into one-on-one teaching session and pick-up fights. We have enough room for a number of concurrent sessions.
  • Part of Baronial regular events fee – $5 per attendance or $50 per quarter to cover ALL regular events.

Baronial Senate Meeting

Usually held the third Monday of every month, starting at 19:00, at regular Monday practice in Hut 1 of the The Addison Road Community Centre  (above)

  • The Baronial Senate meeting is the official business meeting of the group.  Non-officers are welcome to attend in order to observe, discuss or to bring business before the group. No fee to attend.
  • If you wish to participate in the making of events in your barony, then please come – every baronial member is welcome

Arts and Sciences Meetings, Dence Park

Held  2nd Sunday of the month at The Epping Creative Centre, Dence Park, 26 Stanley Road, Epping [MAP].

  • Classes are held here – past examples being on costuming, fibre-crafts, wax-carving for jewelry-making, cheesemaking and beginners brewing. We usually have a stream of kids classes as well as adult classes.
  • Bring a project you are working on, start a new project or come and learn something new. Or why not come and play some Board games or outdoor games. It is a child-friendly event with sewing, boffer and games. All persons under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Fencing may be done on the old bowling green outside the center. Fencing usually occurs from 11.00am-1.00pm.
  • Part of Baronial regular events fee – $5 per attendance or $50 per quarter to cover ALL regular events.


Sunday War Practice and Target Archery

Every 4th Sunday of the month from 10am to 3pm at St Peters Public School, 31 St Peters Street, St Peters, NSW, 2044  [MAP]

  • This field is private, large, has copious amounts of parking, and facilities attached
  • Starts with Target Archery at 10 am with some practice rounds followed by the Baronial Archery Championship round. Our Captain of Archers is happy to help, and has plenty of loaner equipment is available.
  • War practice follows target archery, with combat archers taking the field with our heavy fighters. Practice of scenarios and hitting moving targets.
  • Part of Baronial regular events fee – $5 per attendance or $50 per quarter to cover ALL regular events.

NEW! Arts and Sciences Saturdays, Herb Greedy Hall, Marrickville

Photo of inside of hall with wooden floor

Some Saturdays (about 2 a month) from 1pm to 5pm at Herb Greedy Hall is at 79 Petersham Rd, Marrickville, NSW.

June 23rd; July 7th, 28th; August 4th, 18th; September 1st, 15th, 29th; October 6th, 20th; November 3rd, 17th; December 1st, 15th

  • The space is huge! It has hot water facilities, a kitchen, plenty of powerpoints, whiteboards, miltimedia, and even a piano!
  • Both the hall and the bathrooms are accessible, wheelchair access is from the back entrance off Fletcher St. No disability parking. Some street parking nearby, unlikely to be directly out the front.
  • There are plenty of cafes nearby, and a gelataria. But do feel free to bring some snacks for the group!
  • Part of Baronial regular events fee – $5 per attendance or $50 per quarter to cover ALL regular events.
  • The bus stops outside Marrickville Town Hall are the closest and have the 418, 426 and 425 buses going straight past. The nearest 423 bus stop is Marrickville train station, which is also the nearest station. From the train station, you turn right at the top of the stairs and cross the rail bridge then follow Illawarra Rd up towards Marrickville Rd. You can cross over at either the lights on the rail bridge or the lights down at Cornersmith. Those lights mark Petersham Rd, which turns left off Illawarra. Herb Greedy is just before Marrickville Rd.


Arts and Sciences Meetings, College of St Ursula (University of Sydney)

During semester time, the College of St Ursula meets once a week to further goals and projects of an Arts and Science nature. This may range from garb making and heraldry, to brewing and embroidery. Details about what will be happening during each meeting will be announced over the Ursulans mailing list. Every week we will attempt to have a teacher for an organised lesson (for example jewellery making). Unplanned weeks will be for finishing projects from previous weeks, working on individual projects, dancing or other miscellaneous activities and general socialising.

A&S is on Mondays at 17:00 in the Badham Room, Holme Building, University of Sydney. All are welcome to attend in order to learn new skills and to pursue medieval and renaissance Arts and Sciences together. For more information, contact Lady Svanhildr.